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М-203 «To Karakolsky lakes» (horse tour)

М-203 «To Karakolsky lakes» (horse tour)


To Karakolsky lakes» (horse tour) To Karakolsky lakes» (horse tour) To Karakolsky lakes» (horse tour)
To Karakolsky lakes» (horse tour) To Karakolsky lakes» (horse tour)

It is one of the first horse routes in the country! Have you ever seen real mountains with their snow-covered tops, cedar taiga and high-mountain tundra? If not, we offer you taking a horse tour! The first Russian planned horse route «To Karakolsky lakes» was opened on the basis of the tourist centre "Katun" in the 60-ies of the last century; and it functions till now. Such a long existence of horse route «To Karakolsky lakes» shows that the route direction is chosen very successfully. The beauty of the mountains continues to attract more tourists to this place. You’ll have a chance to see the changing of several seasons in 9 days, receive sunburn of the mountain sun and admire the Alpine meadows at the bottom of the snowfields.

Tour kind: horse tour
Duration: 10 days \9 nights
Number of tourists in a group: from 8 to 20 persons
Extent of a route: 81 km
Tour price: 17 000 rubles
The schedule of arrivals for 2010:
June: 18.06-27.06
July: 02.07-11.07; 16.07-25.07; 30.07-08.08
August: 13.08-22.08; 27.08-05.09


A short description of a route

Movement kind

1 day

Arrival to "Katun", a sightseeing tour around the tourist centre. The delivery of the tourist equipment and packed lunch. Moving to the natural boundary Sargat by cross-country vehicle A training trip by horse - 2 km.

by car - 45 km

2 day

Sargat-cedar (2,5 hours). The road passes through a birch forest, alternating with magnificent subalpine meadows. The road ends with a magnificent view on pass Bagatash («a stone frog») and a snowfield which does not thaw even in the hottest days

by horse - 11 km

3 day

Exit to Karakolsky lakes. A long time ago there was a glacier in this valley. Now there are 7 high-mountainous lakes and a small waterfall. In June you can try tobogganing here: at a reckless speed you fly downwards in a cloud of a snow dust.

on foot - 6 km

4 day

Cedar-ugul (5 hours). A slight rising to Kylajsky range opens a view on high-mountainous tundra. The way passes, generally, through open spaces; it abounds in magnificent views from the height of a mountain plateau (mountain Akkaya - 2385). During the trip you’ll have a chance to have a dinner on the bank of lake Veronica. The snow lies on its banks till the middle of summer and there are blossoming flowers there and everywhere. A small river runs into the lake through a small cascade. Further on, we come to river Vodopadnaya. Here a stop is organized. The entire river consists of small cascades which beat out a stone bowl. Bathing in a natural bath will delight anyone!

by horse -18 km

5 day

Ugul-Karakoksha (3,5 hours). The trip lies through mountain pass "Saturday". The pass opens the views on Baj-Ajuksky lakes. With the descent, some of them disappear. There are about ten of them, but noone knows their exact number. Then comes a three-kilometer pass to a wide plateau and a descent to upper courses of river of Karakoksha past the rocks named Devil's fingers. An overnight stop is organized near the Karakokshinsky caves (length – 200 m)

by horse -16 km

6 day

A day stand. The day starts with the investigation of a labyrinth of the Karakokshinsky cave: you’ll have a chance to climb through «a stomach of a dragon», to visit «a stone eagle». This trip doesn’t require special tourist equipments. One more interesting natural phenomenon is represented by the local river which suddenly disappears in the middle of a channel and appears again only some meters lower. It is possible to walk to a funnel (a hollow about 15 m deep and 70 m wide -the result of washout of karstic rocks). The water noisily brakes out from under one rock and disappears under another.


7 day

The karakoksha-river of Muehta (5 hours). The day starts with the riding to pass Ajryk along a wide valley of the river Karakoksha. Under the pass there are four lakes of amazing blue colour. Beautiful panoramas of the Chemalo-Cubin watershed are opened: Sumultinsky ridge, mountain Kara. A descent to "Death valley" and another rise to pass - Akkainsky

by horse -20 km

8 day

The Muehta-Ust-Tura river (1,5 hours). A move to «the Castle of mountain spirits» through the upper courses of Muehta. This place is reach in legends and stories. One can climb the rocks and bow to Spirits of mountains. The last pass through the cedar taiga.

by horse -17 km

9 day

Sargat – t/c"Katun" (2,5 hours) A trip to the tourist centre "Katun" in the morning. A hearty welcome and a bath will be waiting for you. The last evening by the fire.

by car - 45 km

10 day

Home departure.

by bus


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